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Translation & Subtitling

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Word-For-Word Transcription

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Audio, Video Transliteration


Our Priority Is To Provide Most Accurate And Natural Translation That Looks Like Writing. We provide services like General Translation, Transcreation, Literary Translation and Subtitle Translation and Proof Reading.


We Pay Attention To Every Single Detail In Order To Provide Most Accurate Transcription Service. We provide services like Transcription/Captioning, Word-For-Word Transcription, Verbatim Transcriptions and Audio, Video Transliteration.

Content Writing

We Offer High Quality Content Editing, Copy Writing, Proof Reading And Re-Writing Services. We provide services like Articles/(SEO) & Blog Writing, Website Content Writing, Proof Reading (Grammar) and Editing And Rewriting (Grammar, Style, Format and other check).

Web Services

Our motive is to offer a complete package of services at one place. At Miniwrites, We have web collaborators who will provide you the best web services such as Website development and designing that will fulfill all your web needs.

Supported Languages

Currently, we are supporting language services of English and Hindi language. Our wide range of Cotentin service can be chosen for English and Hindi Languages content requirements.

Our Pricing

We offer a Large and small both quantity and provides a great discount on it.

Content Writing

100 Words 100/- INR

  • 200 words 180/-INR 10% Discount

  • 500 words 400/-INR 20% Discount

  • 1,000 Words 750/-INR 25% Discount

  • 5,000 and Above Words 3500/-INR 30% Discount

SEO Article Writing

100 Words 60/- INR

  • 500 words Article 270/-INR 10% Discount

  • 1,000 words Article 480/-INR 20% Discount

  • 1,500 Words Article 675/-INR 25% Discount

  • 2,000 and Above Article 840/-INR 30% Discount

Website Content Writing

100 Words 200/- INR

  • 200 words 360/-INR 10% Discount

  • 300 words 480/-INR 20% Discount

  • 500 Words 750/-INR 25% Discount

  • 1,000 and Above 1,400/-INR 30% Discount